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About Bobbi Jo

My Story


How many people get to say they love their job more today than when they first started? Me ... My  name is Bobbi Jo, and I have been a hair stylist for 28 + years.

Throughout my career I have been motivated by educating not only myself, but also educating others. My opportunity to work for several different companies in the beauty industry has  allowed me to meet incredibly talented people along the way.

The most rewarding part of my business is being able to serve my clients where they are. To hear them tell me they've been looking forward to their appointment at Beyond Beauty all week because they know they can finally sit and relax with a delectable wine or cold brew and catch up like old friends brings a satisfaction to my heart that's indescribable. Working in the salon and meeting all of you has been the true gift. The guests I meet at the salon have brought me the most incredible joy.

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