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If you're looking for a reflection partner - one with a PhD in depth psychology and her own story of midlife transformation - click here to inquire about my one-on-one online services. 


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Private Reflection Sessions

NOT feeling the therapy or coaching thing? Personally, I gained more insights from learning to apply a depth psychology lens to everything in my life - from dreams, to emotions, to how I felt about my body, to my experience of blockbuster movies, to synchronistic events, and to embarrassing fantasy images that wouldn't leave me alone.

I learned how to feel awkward and then I journaled about everything. From time to time I identified patterns that I hadn't seen before, and I found meaning in things that seemed meaningless. 

All of this became part of my spiritual practice - even going to the theatre - which led to my exploring and discovering all the hidden parts of myself. Relating to the yucky stuff is what led to my moving towards my real purpose in life. 


Sex & God Meet: A Framework to Explore Reconciling Your Sexuality & Spirituality

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Are you feeling . . .


  • Awkward and self-conscious about dating and sex, after divorce or the end of a relationship?

  • Ashamed about past sexual experiences? 

  • Confused about how to be sexually authentic while staying true to a spiritual framework? 

  • Held back from experiencing deep connection with a romantic partner? 

It's NOT your fault . . .

There's a lot of focus on quantity, technique, and toys - not much depth. Your religious views may feel at odds with your natural and healthy desire for sex and pleasure. Cultural messages become internalized as unconscious self-judgment. 

I felt all of this . . .

Researching the connection between sexuality and spirituality was the last topic I would have imagined pursuing in my journey to secure a PhD. The task of exploring how the relationship between sexuality and spirituality seemed to have been the driving force of my midlife journey felt thrust upon me by my unconscious.

It was not until I possessed a framework for exploring my experiences that wounds I didn't even know I had began to heal. Out of my personal experience and analysis emerged a framework that not only helped me reconcile my sexuality and spirituality, but I experienced the depth of connection and height of ecstasy that I didn't know was possible - not only with a partner but with the Divine (or God or universe). I now relate to my sexual energy as a life force that asks something of me, not just as a way to achieve some temporary release. 

This Course May be for You if  Want to . . .

  • Explore how your experiences of God and sex may be intertwined in a way that is preventing you from feeling deep connection within and with a romantic partner. 

  • Learn some helpful concepts, basic framework for your exploration, and specific tasks to try to support your exploration. 

  • Feel more confidence and less shame about your sexual desires and how your body is a vehicle through which to experience the Divine (or God). 

  • Embrace pleasure as sacred.

In the Meantime . . . 

Click here to shoot me an email letting me know why you're interested. I may have some ideas on resources that can get you started on your exploration. Click here to subscribe to my newsletter to get updates on helpful blog posts and the launching of this course.

Note: This course is not therapy, rather a framework that emerged during the parallel journeys of midlife and securing my masters and PhD in depth psychology. 


Private Facebook Community  

Are you seeking a safe and private place to go to share awkward experiences, get support from other women, and learn about concepts and tools to help you explore your sexuality, spirituality or the relationship between the two?  

You're NOT alone, whatever crazy thoughts, fantasies or dreams you're having. Many women are waking up to the TRUTH that there is something deeper to their natural sexual desire, something that patriarchy has kept from them because it is so powerful, and something that prevented the kind of deep connection with the Divine and others that is their rightful inheritance. 

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Join my Women, Sex & God private Facebook page. It's FREE until October 1st. You'll be able to send me questions, and twice per month I'll share my reflections via video and encourage our community to tap into its collective wisdom. 

To join, click here. 

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