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Coaching Clients

I began meeting with Deborah to work on professional goals. 


I was also looking for advice on how to step into the next phase of my career. Each time we met, I left with tangible and realistic goals that brought immediate results or provided valuable insights that shifted my thinking. She shared tools and resources and helped me understand consultative selling. 


Then . . . the focus of our work shifted, and I found myself applying Deborah's principles in my family and personal life. Our reflections gave me new insights into my relationship with family and allowed me to really focus on what mattered in my life. 


Deborah listens, connects and provides clear and honest feedback. She held up a mirror and gave me time, space and tools to deeply examine my life.  I am grateful for our time together, and the growth that has resulted. 



I started working with Deborah when my world got rocked. 


What I had thought I knew about my life was completely turned upside down and I found myself in the middle of a messy divorce. I was lost, confused, everything I thought I had planned for my life was now, no longer. I didn’t know where or who to look to for guidance. People were trying to help me, I was trying to be the best for my kids, and my ex was making each day difficult and morally confusing. 


When I met with Deborah, I found her so interesting and I couldn’t even digest all the information she was giving me. I immediately started journaling my dreams and talking about them with her every time we met. 


She gave me a new perspective that my dreams could be attempting to guide me. I became more aware of things in general, noticing little signs that spoke to me. Movies and shows that interested me gave new ideas and insights I hadn’t considered before. 

Meeting with Deborah always energized me, and the time went by so fast. We couldn’t share our conversations fast enough.  When I left a reflection session with Deborah, I always felt lighter, happier, and inspired to learn more.



Deborah, you have a special talent and I hope you help more souls like me. It truly means a ton. You have helped me immensely at this time in my life, and I know there was a reason why you came in my life when you did. I appreciate you so much. Don’t stop doing what you do. You have a gift for the right person. So grateful for you.

Relationship Workshop Attendee
and Coaching Client

Deborah does an amazing job using creativity

to bring out the best emotion in our lives! After the class I attended, I learned a lot about my emotions, and what was pent up inside that couldn’t get out. In the class, we used simple activities that were able to release these emotions in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my self, but more importantly, I was able to release some feelings that I didn’t even realize I was feeling. 


Any class to learn about yourself is worth the time and the money!! Deb does an amazing job using her life experiences, and references of others to guide you to learn about yourself in a relaxing environment.

Laura, Relationship Workshop Attendee

Leadership Coaching

I've had experience leading teams as small as 3 and as large as 85. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. I talked a lot about goal setting, personal growth, and was always sure to follow-through on regular performance evaluations. Working with Deborah opened my eyes to a whole world of personal and team health that I was overlooking. 


I learned from her the importance of first digging deep and doing some inner work - to think about your personal motivations, passions, and sometimes even your childhood complexes. It's important for a leader to know how they are presenting themselves to their team, and to be transparent about their own journey. 


Tom Cramer, Former Program Manager, Playworks

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